IndieHint Resources

Along with your experiences in the music/entertainment industry, we are also looking for other types of submissions. We hope to build a large database of free articles, invoices and legal documents for working musicians, artists and filmmakers to help combat the extortion of professional artists. We are accepting almost any type of submission including (but not limited to):


Do you have a specific expertise in the industry or a personal experience you would like to write an article about? We would love to read anything you either have written about the industry in the past or would be willing to write and share with IndieHint users. Any and all articles are welcome and full credit will be given to you along with any links to your personal projects or social media.

Forms, Invoices and Contracts

Have any old Excel invoice templates, business contracts or legal forms lying around? How about grant budget sheets? Send them to us! You may choose to receive credit for what you submit (make sure to include your contact info/website!) or you may submit anonymously.

Program Specific Templates/Settings

Have a killer Pro-Tools channel strip template you would like to share with others? How about a Finale lead-sheet template? Do you know of a really good poster/handbill template for Photoshop? If so please send them our way! Any template or settings related to the creative arts (art, music, film, design, photography etc...) is accepted and if you are unsure feel free to ask!

Submissions can be sent via email to or by loging in and using the appropriate submission link. Thank you!