IndieHint F.A.Q.

Want to know some more about IndieHint? Check out the frequently asked questions below. If you want to learn more about how to help out, click here!

1.) What is

This site is a part of an ongoing project to collect and document as much information about the entertainment industry as possible. Indiehint is a free online service that helps musicians, artists and industry professionals find the things they are looking for. On IndieHint you will find detailed, insider information on venues, promoters, booking agents, labels, producers, engineers, festivals and everything else in the music, entertainment and film industries.

2.) How does it work?

Content on this site is created and maintained by the worldwide community of professional musicians. Users can create new articles or comment on and edit existing ones for everything from venues, studios and industry professionals to festivals, online services and many other categories. Everything on IndieHint is free to use and there are no membership fees or paid accounts.

3.) How do I join/contribute?

Easy, just create an account and get started! IndieHint needs your stories and experiences to help illuminate the good and bad in the entertainment industry. Membership is free and you only need an account to contribute/post/comment (not to browse the site).

4.) I've recently had a bad experience with a venue, studio, industry professional or service, what should I do?

If money is involved, the first thing you should do is contact an entertainment or contract lawyer, especially if there is a potential breach in contract involved. Nothing will be more beneficial to you than a legal professional on your side, so do this first! Once you have done that you can share your experience here on IndieHint and hopefully spare someone else what you just had to go through!

5.) I would like to submit something but I am worried that I could be identified by the details of my experience.

No problem, you can be as detailed or as vague in your submissions as you like. Any bit of information helps, so whatever you feel comfortable saying is ok with us. Even a quick comment, rating or simple "I don't like X" can make a big difference.

6.) Why can I only submit for Canada/USA/English?

IndieHint is currently in an early development stage; we have every intention of expanding the site to other countries/languages but as of now only Canada and USA are supported. If you have something you would really like to send us feel free to do so at and we will get back to you!